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DISC Personality Profiling for individuals

DISC profiling is the ultimate self-awareness tool that provides individuals with a detailed analysis of their personal behavioural style at work. DISC tells us a great deal about:

  • How we are motivated
  • What environment we prefer
  • How we achieve our goals
  • How we communicate with others
  • How we prefer others to communicate with us

At Inspired Coaching, we encourage our career coaching clients to take a DISC profile at the beginning of the coaching process as it fast-tracks their awareness of who they are and what they are motivated by.

DISC profiling for Business

DISC is equally relevant within a business environment and we have developed the Inspire Influence team building day to bring the DISC to life.

This is a fun, interactive day which builds on the DISC profiles of a team and helps people understand and celebrate each other's similarities and differences. The workshop is focused on communication and influencing skills to enhance work place and/or customer relationships. We will always tailor workshops to meet your individual company's needs.

Please contact us for more information on how DISC profiling can transform your work relationships & business results. For a sample DISC report, please click this download button: